The wealth of the

European Amazon

Fertile soil, full of minerals on the edge of the Pannonian Sea. On the green belt of the Danube, Drava and Mura rivers, which create the largest nature reserve – the »European Amazon«.

Famed for its rich biodiversity, which spoils us with its fruits. Adored by us.

There is a special place.

With crystal clear water,

miraculous birdsongs and

the fresh smell of nature.

In Slovenia, a forested country with
small towns and villages.

Where plants grow on an organic farm in a clean environment and peacefully wait for their mission. For a gentle touch of a family who loves nature and heartily produces 100% natural organic cosmetics, for many years.

Those hardworking hands


create pure magic.

Completely natural and organic cosmetics to pamper us, our children, our family and take care of our planet. Nest Kind products are made from 100 % natural and organic plants, that mostly grow in the sunny meadows of the rich area of the »European Amazon«.

We believe that what we put on our skin is important, because the ingredients go straight into our bloodstream, and from there into our organs, tissues and cells.

We are using mechanical processes, such as pressing the seeds to obtain organic oils, distilling the flowers for organic hydrolates, macerates and dried flowers for organic creams and ointments.

All products are enriched with the Reiki energy technique.

The most beautiful life journey

       begins in a carefully prepared nest. Weave threads of love in the warm embrace of Mother Nature.    Create a better world for a better quality of life by using 100% natural organic Nest Kind cosmetics.

Nest Kind products are made:


  • without synthetic solvents, preservatives and emulsifiers,
  • without parabens and perfumes,
  • without ethoxylated ingredients,
  • without ionizing radiation,
  • without genetically modified organisms,
  • without ingredients obtained by animal extraction,
  • without the use of petrochemical catalysts and other restrictions
  • without synthetic aromatic ingredients (perfumes, fragrances and essential oils).

Cosmetic products are not tested on animals (cruelty free) and are not made from endangered plant or animal species.

We create four products lines for you and your family

Organic cosmetics for babies

Organic cosmetics for women

Organic cosmetics for men

Organic cosmetics for the whole family

Traditional, natural and organic.

With eco certificate IKC UM.

Eco certificate IKC UM

In accordance with the requirements of the standard, certified organic cosmetic products contain at least 95% natural ingredients, of which at least 95% of the ingredients of agricultural origin must come from certified organic production (Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 or other comparable standards) and a maximum of 5% ingredients are of synthetic origin, the range of which is limited and prescribed by the standard. The standard also defines the minimum proportion of organic ingredients in the final cosmetic product.

Ingredients from

a local organic farm

Nest kind products are subject to regular controls by relevant institutions and are produced and grown according to strict guidelines for obtaining and using an organic certificate.

Most of the ingredients come from a local organic farm.
Where plants and animals are best friends. And a human is their protector.

We care.

We live.

We produce.

With love and dedication.

For our health, for the health of our children, and for the good of our planet.

Choose the perfect product for you, your children and your family. Enable your customers to choose the best – Nest Kind.

Make the choice easier for you and all parents, which are looking 100% natural organic and quality products for themselves and their children, to choose Nest Kind.

Give them a gift of nature from the European Amazon.
For tender moments.

For gentle nesting.



Choose a perfect product for you and your children.
Make the choice easier for their parents.

Give them a gift of nature from the European Amazon.
From wonderful region Styria.
For tender nesting.

Natural cosmetics are not just a temporary trend or fad. It is about much more – excellent health, pure nature, awareness of sustainability and its impact on our environment. Nest Kind products are natural, high-quality and support your health and our planet. In our family, we choose only natural, pure products. The anti-aging cream for women is high-quality, effective, and the best choice for me.

Renata Završnik Mihič, MD

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